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stop (plural stops)

  1. A (usually marked) place where line buses or trams halt to let passengers get on and off.
    They agreed to see each other at the bus stop.
  2. An action of stopping; interruption of travel.
    That stop was not planned.
  3. A device intended to block the path of a moving object; as, a door stop.
  4. (linguistics) A consonant sound in which the passage of air through the mouth is temporarily blocked by the lips, tongue, or glottis.
  5. A symbol used for purposes of punctuation and representing a pause or separating clauses, particularly a full stop, comma, colon or semicolon.
  6. Short for a stopper, used in the phrase "pull out all the stops".
  7. (tennis) A very short shot which touches the ground close behind the net and is intended to bounce as little as possible.



(3,4): [[continue]], [[go]], [[move]], [[proceed]]

4 letters in word "stop": O P S T.

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op ops opt os po pos pot pst so sop sot st to top

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